Sunday, September 4, 2011

Joe comes to visit!

This past week, Joe braved his fear of travel to deliver his usual care package of pumpkin, cornmeal, magazines, parmesan cheese, vitamins, and mail in person.

After two years here, Matt and I still hadn't been up north, so we decided to rent a car and go to Isle of Skye and the Highlands. It was breathtaking.

Oh, and I learned how to drive British-style.

Obligatory castle visit (a must for all tours of Scotland)! This is Eilean Donan, just before crossing the bridge into Skye.

Joe and Matt also did some serious whisky tasting. By the end of the week, they had sampled more than thirty different kinds, and we'd been to several distilleries.

We also did some hiking at the base of the Black Cuillens, one of Skye's mountain ranges. The midges attacked me and I look like I have chicken pox on my face and neck now, but it was worth it.

This is Kilt Rock, named for its pleated surfaces.

We did some more hiking, this time up towards the Storr. It was steep going, but rewarded us with spectacular views.

In between all this hiking and scenery, we ate some of the best meals I've ever had (and definitely the best food I've had in Scotland) both in restaurants and thanks to Joe's cooking, showed him around our little village, and hit up Dundee and Edinburgh. The week definitely rekindled my appreciation for where we live, which, if you couldn't tell by the lack of posts here, has dwindled over this long cold summer. Thanks, Joe!

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  1. Damn, too bad Joe and I couldn't synchronize our visits. Nonetheless, I am VERY excited for my trip to Scotland for our birthdays.